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Professional Photography

  • Weddings
  • Portraiture
  • Corporate
  • Field Assignments







The Package

Big Irish Git specialises in personal photography other than weddings...

    • Kids
    • Families
    • Individuals
    • Pregnancy & Newborn



Rates and Charges

A standard portrait photo session runs for around 90 minutes, for which we charge $200

In return, you will receive a CD or DVD ROM containing all your photos*


Additional time

    • $120/hour (pro rata)


Extra CDs:

    • $45 each




Extra photo manipulation services

    • $75/hour or quoted per job
      • change colour to B&W or Sepia etc
      • B&W with colour elements
      • old photos scanned and restored or repaired


Expenses reasonably incurred (travel, accommodating, meals etc) are extra to above costs (normally applies only outside 30km radius of Kiama).
All photos are taken on high-quality digital cameras and delivered on DVD-ROM.
Copyright and other conditions are outlined below.
Prices may be changed at any time without notice - pre-existing bookings will not be affected.
Not all photographs taken are handed over to the client. The photographer retains the right to delete or otherwise destroy any image deemed to be of poor quality,
technically or artistically imperfect, or so closely similar to another photo as to be deemed essentially identical. Clients must accept that aproximately 20 per cent
of all photos taken will be so deleted or destroyed, for one reason or another and will not be delivered.


Contact Details

For bookings and enquiries, contact Brian Hartigan on 0408 496 664 or emial



Quite simply - personal clients of retain complete and unconditional copyright ownership of their own photographs.
You may copy the DVD-ROM, print images or transmit files electronically as often as desired.

What the law says...

• if the photographs were taken for “private or domestic purposes” (such as family portraits, or wedding
photographs), the first owner of copyright in them is the client, unless the photographer and client agree

Who owns the negatives?

Ownership of a physical negative, transparency or CD-ROM is determined by general property law and not copyright law. The owner of a negative is usually the person who paid for the film on which the negative image appears. Ownership of copyright in the photographs is separate from the ownership of physical items, such as the prints, negatives or digital files. Your agreement with the client should cover these issues.
If the client owns copyright in the photographs, he or she may make copies from prints in his or her possession. A photographer may own negatives but this does not entitle him or her to make further prints without the copyright owner’s consent.

Australian Copyright Council Information Sheet G11 Photographers and copyright