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Brian Hartigan is a highly competent and experienced photographer who can cover every aspect as your big day unfolds.
Brian learned and honed his trade in the Australian Army as a unit photographer and an ARMY newspaper photojournalist for eight years, followed by five years with the Australian Federal Police National Media Team.
was based in Canberra from 1998 until 2012 but now lives in Kiama, NSW.

Brian has been photographing weddings for nearly 20 years.

However, the quality of his work speaks for itself - so please take some time to browse the samples here, which we reproduce with the kind permission of just some of our previous clients, many of whom are genuinely new friends.

If you like what you see, then please call Brian Hartigan on 0408.496.664 to arrange an obligation-free meeting/quote.

In the mean time, here are some key details to consider...


The Package

What you will get -

  • professional photographic coverage of your most important day
  • three DVD-ROMs containing all* your wedding-day photos (1 for you plus two spares for family)
  • a CD containing photos "for your eyes only" - if appropriate
  • digital post production and manipulation of your photos to bring out their best
  • complete and unconditional copyright ownership of all your photos
  • a selection of your photos on this web site (at right) within 24 hours (if you want it)

What you won't get as standard, are hard-copy prints or an album - thus saving you heaps of money on 'traditional' wedding-photography packages - but we can discuss printing options if you wish.

However, with complete and unconditional ownership of your own images, you can print as many photos as you like, as often as you like and use them in any forum or format you like without having to refer back to the photographer, with no additional royalties or fees to pay.


Rates and Charges

Basic Wedding package - $2100

    • 1 photographer
    • for 6 hours
    • details as outlined under The Package, above.

      With Brian and, you will agree a set price in advance of your big day and, as long as your plans do not change dramatically, this cost will not go up.
      This will give you peace of mind and surity in your planning.

Additional time

    • $190/hour

Extra CDs or DVD-ROM

    • $55 each


    • By negotiation - but we prefer (and you probably will too) that you do your own printing, albums etc
      We can certainly advise in this reagrd.


    • We require a 25% deposit to confirm your booking.
    • With the balance payable on delivery of your photos.


Extra photo manipulation:

    • digital post production and manipulation of your photos to bring out their best
      is included in the basic package, but we can also...
      • change colour to B&W or Sepia etc
      • B&W with colour elements
      • remove/change backgrounds
      • colour changes
      • a wide range of other PhotoShop magic tricks
    • $75/hour or quoted per job

Not covered:

If your wedding is more than 40km from Kiama, reasonable expenses (such as fuel, flights, accommodation, meals) may be extra.
Such costs as can be reasonably anticipated will be discussed and agreed in advance.
Brian is happy to travel anywhere, including overseas. He has photographed weddings in Scotland, Ireland, Norfolk Island, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sydney, Wagga Wagga and, of course, Canberra, and is looking forward to one very special day in Thredbo in 2014.


Contact Details

For bookings and enquiries, contact Brian Hartigan on 0408.496.664 or emial
Our first meeting, usually at your place or over coffee (your shout:-) is obligation free.


About Brian Hartigan - the Big Irish Git

Brian Hartigan - the Big Irish Git - was trained as a "Photographer Regimental" and newspaper photojournalist in the Australian Army.
During his time at Army News, the Big Irish Git wrote news and feature stories and took supporting photos for the unit's fortnightly newspaper and quarterly magazine.
During his time with the Army, Brian deployed on many exercises and operations - including to East Tomor, Bougainville, Thailand and many places across Australia.

Brian joined the Australian Federal Police National Media Team as the AFP's first full-time PR photographer. With the AFP, he deployed with the first rotation of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands - and excelled during many other high-pressure assignments such as ceremonial police funerals, VIP portrait shoots, large-scale medal ceremonises and police graduations, and APEC in Sydney.

Because of these experiences, Brian is highly skilled and experienced at photographing 'action as it happens' - and his style can best be described as 'reportage' rather than 'artistic'.

Brian is currently the Managing Editor and co-owner of CONTACT Air Land and Sea and COMBAT Camera - two quarterly Defence-focused e-magazines available only by free subscription from

And, of course, he is also a highly experienced and respected wedding photographer.


Copyright Conditions

Quite simply - wedding clients of retain complete and unconditional copyright ownership of their own wedding photographs.
They may copy the DVD-ROM, print images or transmit files electronically as often as desired.
Since all our photography is digital, with no negatives involved, the second statement below does not apply - we include it here for your information and interest.

What the law says...

• if the photographs were taken for “private or domestic purposes” (such as family portraits, or wedding photographs), the first owner of copyright in them is the client, unless the photographer and client agree otherwise.

Who owns the negatives?

Ownership of a physical negative, transparency or CD-ROM is determined by general property law and not copyright law. The owner of a negative is usually the person who paid for the film on which the negative image appears. Ownership of copyright in the photographs is separate from the ownership of physical items, such as the prints, negatives or digital files. Your agreement with the client should cover these issues.
If the client owns copyright in the photographs, he or she may make copies from prints in his or her possession. A photographer may own negatives but this does not entitle him or her to make further prints without the copyright owner’s consent.

Australian Copyright Council Information Sheet G11 Photographers and copyright


Other Conditions:

* Not all photographs taken on the day are handed over to the client. We retain the right to delete or otherwise destroy any image deemed to be of poor quality, technically or artistically imperfect, or so closely similar to another photo as to be deemed essentially identical. Clients must accept that aproximately 20 per cent of all photos taken will be so deleted or destroyed, for one reason or another and will not be delivered. However, all other photos will be delivered and the client will own full copyright in those photos. In our experience, despite deleting some photos, clients can still expect to receive more than 1000 photos (our record is about 2500). That said, we aim for and pride ourselves on quality rather than quantity - but always achieve both.

All photos are taken on high-quality Canon digital cameras and delivered on DVD-ROM (because CDs can't hold that many high-resolution photos).

Prices may be changed at any time without notice. Pre-existing bookings will not be affected.

We will 'pencil in' your date in our calendar at our first meeting and will not offer that date to any other couple without checking with you first. However, your date is not officially locked in until we receive your deposit.

If you cancel your booking more than 10 weeks out from your booked date, we will give you a refund minus a $100 admin fee.
If you cancel your booking less than 10 weeks but more than four weeks out from your booked date, we will retain half your deposit#.
If you cancel your booking less than four weeks out from your wedding, I'm sorry, but we must retain the full deposit#.
# In these cases, if we can secure a replacement wedding for the date you cancelled, we will refund your deposit minus the $100 admin fee.

If for any unforseen reason Brian Hartigan cannot photograph your wedding personally, we will make every effort to hire another competent photographer to stand in. We will only engage photographers we are confident in. Your agreed price with Brian Hartigan will not be affected. This condition will only be envoked in dire circumstances, such as a death in the family or Brian being seriously ill.