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Brian Hartigan - the Big Irish Git - is highly a skilled and experienced photographer, especially when dealing with human subjects. He was trained by and has extensive experience in the military and is therefore adept at capturing people at their best, in often difficult and demanding circumstances.

While the average corporate event will, hopefully, not be as dramatic or stressful as a peacekeeping mission or military exercise, Brian Hartigan nonetheless approaches every assignment with the same precision, preparation and commitment as though his life depended on the result - and, of course, his professional life is on the line every time.

Brian Hartigan is available for any job in the Canberra region and often travels around Australia and the World on assignment.

Most larger assignments of just a few days will attract our standard daily rates. However, fees for major assignments - especially overseas - can be negotiated.
Cost will depend on many factors and in some cases - for example if uncomfortable living conditions or danger is involved - may even be considerably higher than the standard daily rate.

Assigning to any project will not only ensure a high-quality result, but can often be more cost effective than assigning a staff member.


Rates and Charges

    • $120/hour
    • $1200/day
    • field assignments and deployments by negotiation
    • $55/hour for travel in excess of 30 minutes (first 30 minutes free)

Extra Compact Discs/DVD ROMs:

    • $35 each

Photo manipulation services

    • $75/hour or quoted per job
      • montage and graphic illustrations
      • colour correction
      • change colour to B&W or Sepia etc
      • B&W with colour elements
      • old photos scanned and restored or repaired

Expenses reasonably incurred (travel, accommodating, meals etc) are extra to above costs. All photos are taken on high-quality digital cameras and delivered on CD or DVD ROM. Copyright and other conditions are outlined below.

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Copyright and Conditions

The photographer supplies the technical and artistic ability to illustrate an idea photographically.

Normally, under Copyright Law of Australia, the client purchases the right to use the image for his/her specific and agreed illustrative requirements and in all cases (except weddings or other 'domestic' assignments) the photographer would normally retain copyright ownership of all photos taken, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

However, even corporate clients of may use the photos taken on their behalf for any purpose without reference back to the photographer.
Appropriate attribution (in the form "Photo by") would be appreciated, where applicable and appropriate.

The photographer does however retain the right to retain copies of all images taken for a client and to reproduce or resell 'generic' images.
This does not apply to images that are client-specific, for example images that depict the client's corporate logo.
Photos of identifiable people will not be used or resold without the written consent of the subject.

The photographer also reserves the right to use any photo for portfolio/self-promotion purposes.

All Moral Rights apply by default.


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